Looking to the past as well as the future, we believe it is crucial to preserve our indigenous cultural heritage and historical assets, while concurrently supporting the younger generation of up-and-coming artists. TLF collection focuses on masterpieces from the 1920s to the 1950s, as well as on young contemporary art. The Foundation's growing art collection includes works by prominent artists who have played a significant role in Israel’s cultural development, alongside works by artists who, for various historical reasons, were not always granted the recognition they deserved.TLF engages in diverse cultural activities, primarily the publication of the Collection catalogues and a unique series of books. TLF welcomes collaborations with other public art institutions and museums around the world in a mission to support Israeli artists via exhibitions and loans from its Collection. A new art platform for young emerging artists is also promoted, aiming to connect them with the global contemporary art scene, while supporting their solo exhibitions and producing books and catalogues.
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