Studija Mindiuzarte, based in Kaunas, Lithuania, is an art platform that develops curatorial projects (project TEXTile interpretations), inventing an East - West dialogue (Spanish Dialogues Project). Focusing on textile art, painting, photography and engraving as the creative process of intellectual art (conceptual art), we analyze both visual and textual processes. Differences in methodologies and different artistic points of view facilitate the study of contemporary art and conceptual art with the depth of its contexts. The authors of the projects explore the relationship between text, image, time and space. Migrating between past and present, thinking about the future, create metaphorical structures.
Kranto al. 52 – 29, LT – 45279.Kaunas, Lithuania
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Ina Mindiuz

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Menina of Ship- Ina Minduiz Studio Mindiuzarte #START2017
Fri 18th Aug 2017