Paula Klien uses monochromatic Chinese ink to create art works that reflect her mindscape in a transient world. Her lyrical abstractions exude a sense of fluidity, sombreness and raw elegance, inviting for an inspection, as if it held secrets of a deeper reality. Embodying abstract meditations between action and inaction, visible and invisible, Klien’s creative journeys deeply inform her work while she explores the human spontaneous play with the unpredictable and the options that unfold. “Chinese ink was selected to represent everything that flows devoid of control without defined structure. Fluid and uncontainable, it reveals life as it really is. It shows the lack of control over events and announces the need to improvise when faced with the unforeseen”, says the artist.
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Av. Vieira Souto 258, Ipanema, Rio de Janiero, Brasil
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