BANANA LONG GALLERY started with installation art at Haeundae Dalmaji entrance in 2008. And they have been continuing to keep up a positive communication with audience to date through discovering the arts of the day and introducing temporary exhibitions. Popularization and expansion of art has made the scene through opening the brand new branch gallery “Salon de BANANA” for the art life in 2013. “Salon de BANANA” changed the name to “BANANA COMTEMPORARY” in 2015, and tried to be a leader in the art world to make the audience more familiar contemporary arts.
+82 51 741 5106
Dusan we've centium 1502, 55 Yangun-ro, Haeundae-gu
Exhibiting Artists
Chuck Hohng
Hongseok Lee
Hyesun Chae
Sunyoung Hwang
Youngsil Lee

Artists' Work

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