Pabellon 4, project as a meeting place for proposals for contemporary Latin American art, with a commitment to take on practices that prioritize intellectual search and focused on the production of works in different media and disciplines, we are renowned for being an independent reflexive space extending their practice to the whole field of cultural production, with a semantic project which proudly privileges the quality of our artists and exhibitions we represent. Pabellon 4 offers an annual program of 10 exhibitions mostly individual where the artist can present from an important work to a coherent body of work within a particular focus. We look for artists committed to their work and have reflective capacity beyond preconceived formulas or generational segmentations. In this sense, our interest in collaborating with avant-garde artistic development focuses on the promotion and of innovative and iconic artists of our country and America and the representation of singular referents of the new plastic languages.
Ramirez de Velasco 556
Exhibiting Artists
Manuel Archain
Dino Bruzzone
Nicolas Miranda Espinoza
Pepe Rodriguez

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