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This year’s START will include a Korean Eye 2020 teaser exhibition ahead of its international launch. This exciting teaser will bring together a group of 12 visual artists and one performance artist in a group exhibition.

This eclectic mix of artists are all of Korean cultural heritage, some living and working exclusively in South Korea, and others travelling between their studios in South Korea and Europe. This mix highlights the growing importance of Korean contemporary art and the European influence on those artists living abroad. Local cultural influences have largely shaped their art practice, some reflect how they have negotiated and responded to changes in the international art scene, ultimately examining the interplay between various cultural worlds. From paintings on silk and traditional Korean fabric to photography to sculpture to light installations and performance, artists included in this exhibition have employed a wide array of artistic methods in their practice, which synthesises the multifaceted nature of South Korean identities and triggers a consideration of the nation’s artistic spirit regardless of geographic location.

The teaser acts as a glimpse into Korean Eye 2020, narrating the individualistic experience of contemporary Korean artists, whether shaped domestically or internationally.

A new show featuring 30 artists will open in St.Petersburg in Spring 2020 before travelling to the Saatchi Gallery and finishing in Seoul next autumn.
Teaser artists include: Cha Jongrye, Doo Hwa Chung, Doowon, Eemyun Kang, Hayoung Kim, Helena Parada Kim, Hyun Kyu Kim, Kim Bumsu, Kim Jae Il, Lee Jeonglok, Soowhan Choi, Yun Hee Toh and performance artist Da In Park.

Seoul based Doowon (b.1982) is a self-taught artist who instinctively draws and paints as he travels through rural landscapes around the world. Nature is his atelier, and the surroundings provide motivation for his work. Instead of using traditional canvas, he paints on local fabrics found while traveling. Stones, discarded buttons, brooms, and unique antiques bought at local markets are also found in his works.

Kim Jae Il (b.1969) Seoul is a sculptor who draws inspiration from transitional energies. In consciously avoiding figuration and in citing the influence of nature and spirituality on his work, Kim’s approach reflects an attitude which began with artists who, in the 1970s, started producing works in reaction to the realism that had been prevalent in Korean art. While extending these interests, Kim’s use of negative space also responds to what he sees as extrovert and unequivocal tendencies in contemporary art. Unfolding in a spirit of generosity and resistance, Kim’s abstract works invite contemplation over time.

Hun Kyu Kim studied MA painting at the Royal College of Art in London where he currently lives. He delicately paints on silk with traditional oriental pigment used for ancient East Asian religious paintings.

Lee Jeonglok is a Korean artist who uses photography to create and record his world. He makes mysterious and evocative images of strange and magical events. These happen in carefully chosen, personally significant landscapes, realised by a thorough mastery of photographic technique. The production of these pieces is a complex and painstaking process. These images are not made digitally, but by an ‘in camera’ technique. This means using long and multiple exposures, manipulating artificial light and deploying various props on site and in real time. The physicality and engagement of this process is important to the artist. He states that this effort allows him to reveal another, parallel world.

Eemyun Kang (b.1981) Busan, South Korea. Lives and works in London and Milan Kang obtained a BA degree from Slade School of Fine Art (2006), completed her Postgraduate Studies in Fine Art at The Royal Academy of Art in London (2009) and received a Doctorate in Fine Art (DFA) at the University of East London (2012). Her paintings depict her fascination with nature and the process of morphology, translating organic forms into lush abstraction, she creates complex natural worlds marked by energetic and fluid brushstrokes.

Cha Jongrye achieved a MFA in Sculpture from Ewha Women’s University, South Korea in 1996. Using wood as her chosen medium, Cha constructs seamlessly intricate wooden landscapes by sanding and layering hundreds of delicate wood boards. Her process is intentionally unintentional; rather than executing a predetermined design, she allows herself to discover images in the fluidity of arranging and rearranging the uniquely hand-shaped blocks. The result is a richly textured three-dimensional canvas upon which light and shadow dance, transforming the once-recognisable wood material into entirely abstracted landscapes reminiscent of wrinkled linen, rolling sand dunes or rippling water.

Doo-wha Chung (b.1968) achieved a MFA from the College of Fine Art at Dongguk University in 1996. Doo Wha Chung’s painstakingly made works have been featured in exhibitions and collections around the world.

HaYoung Kim (b.1983) in Seoul previously studied painting at Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, before going on to complete her Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at the Royal Academy. Since graduating in 2011, she has also completed a Doctor of Fine Art (DFA) at The School of Arts and Digital Industries in London. Working primarily with painting on polyester canvas and drafting film, often incorporating it into animation and installation, HaYoung draws on her interest in modern technology and science, and their effect on the human mind.

Helena Parada Kim (b.1982) Cologne, Germany, currently lives in Berlin, Germany. Parada Kim is deeply touched by photographs featuring Korean nurses dispatched to Germany that she saw in her mother’s photo album, she became deeply interested in the history and culture of Korea. Through this exploration into her own Korean identity Parada Kim began tackling subject matters such as Korean nurses, hanbok (Korean traditional clothing), and ancestral rites.

Kim Bumsu (b.1965) Goyang South Korea obtained a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts at Hong-Ik University, Seoul, before moving to New York to earn a Masters in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Art in 1998. Now exhibited worldwide, Bumsu uses old and discarded Movie Film to create vast and complex collages that manipulate the light that passes through them via LED boxes. Bumsu strives to bring together the generations of analogue and digital, reconstructing their relationship as a new, distinctive medium which has its own expression totally different from traditional painting, sculpture, and film. These works draw inspiration from the process of searching for ‘Hidden Emotions’, wherein Bumsu explores the concepts of time and space isolated within mass culture.

Soowhan Choi (b.1972) Gyeongju, South Korea creates meticulous, immaculate, yet expressive images by drilling holes of various sizes in a black acrylic plate (Plexiglas) or laminate, and then LED backlighting the piece. The result is art based on precision, where Choi masterfully manipulates material and light to create texture, form and substance.

Yun-Hee Toh (b.1961) Toh’s work has been connected to intrinsic qualities of individuals in their everyday lives and her paintings are private confessions of the human existence on the things that cannot be seen but only felt.

Da In Park (b.1983) Daegu, Korea. Park’s specific focus is to reflect rituals and the institutional framework of politics through installations and performances which allow the audience to reflect and question law and a pre-existing sense of natural law. Park studied Art and Law in Seoul and International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights at the Geneva Academy. She studied Fine Arts at the Tokyo University of The Arts. Recent exhibition projects include Camden Arts Centre’s collaborative international summer residency with the Slade School of Fine Art.

Doowon Artist taking a bath in the mountain

Artist taking a bath in the mountain and suddenly stands up, 2018 
Mixed media on Georgia military canvas  186 x 94 cm

Doo Hwa Chung Sound
Doo Hwa Chung

Sound, 2019 
Book on wood 111 x 111 x 26.5 cm

Doo Hwa Chung  Forest-wind
Doo Hwa Chung

Forest-wind, 2019 
Book on wood   99 cm diameter

Kim Jae Il

Vestige, Mass, 2018 
Acrylic on fiberglass resin   42.5 x 22 x 79.6 cm

Hayoung Kim Disappearing into All as one
Hayoung Kim

Disappearing into All as One, 2011 
Acrylic and glass paint on drafting film  305 x 244 cm

Hun Kyu Kim  winner winner chicken dinner
Hun Kyu Kim 

Winner winner chicken dinner, 2018
Traditional oriental pigment on silk  39 x 45 cm

Lee Jeonglok  Nabi 10
Lee Jeonglok

Nabi 10, 2015 
C-Type Print   120 x 160 cm

Eemyun Kang Vaga Luna 1
Eemyun Kang

Vaga Luna I, 2019 
Oil on canvas   130 x 130 cm

Eemyun Kang  Vaga Luna III
Eemyun Kang

Vaga Luna III, 2019 
Oil on canvas   130 x 130 cm

Cha Jongrye  Espose Exposed 181120
Cha Jongrye

Espose Exposed 181120, 2019 
Engineered wood   120 x 135 x 26 cm

Cha Jongrye  Espose Exposed 190220
Cha Jongrye

Espose Exposed 190220, 2019 
Engineered wood   72 x 91 x 25 cm

Soowhan Choi  Emptiness - Bamboo Grove
Soowhan Choi

Emptiness - Bamboo Grove, 2019 
LED Laminate   190 x 153.5 x 10 cm

Soowhan Choi  Emptiness - Waterfall
Soowhan Choi

Emptiness - Waterfall, 2018 
LED Laminate   204 x 124 x 10 cm

Doowon artist resting after making his robots

Artist resting after making his robots, 2019 
Mixed media on canvas   119.2 x 108 cm

Doowon Enraged Cat in a flower garden

Enraged Cat in a flower garden, 2018 
Korean ink, acrylic and gouache on vintage paper   103 x 38 cm

Kim Jae Il - Impact
Kim Jae Il

Impact, 2016 
Acrylic on fiberglass resin  120 x 110 x 4.5 cm

Hayoung Kim Anitidepressant Girls
Hayoung Kim

Antidepressant Girls, 2011 
Acrylic on polyester  110 x 110 cm

Hun Kyu Kim Angelus
Hun Kyu Kim 

Angelus, 2018
Traditional oriental pigment on silk  50 x 60 cm

Hun Kyu Kim The birth of nation
Hun Kyu Kim 

The birth of nation, 2016 
Traditional oriental pigment on silk  50 x 120 cm

Lee Jeonglok Tree of Life 6-1
Lee Jeonglok

Tree of Life 6-1, 2017
C-Type Print  152 x 120 cm

Eemyun Kang  Vaga Luna II
Eemyun Kang

Vaga Luna II, 2019 
Oil on canvas   130 x 130 cm

Helena Parada Kim The women from Uamdo
Helena Parada Kim

The women from Uamdo, 2017 
Oil on linen   170 x 230 cm

Helena Parada Kim  Yujin
Helena Parada Kim

Yujin, 2015
Oil on linen   20 x 80 cm

Kim Bumsu Hidden Emotion V
Kim Bumsu

Hidden Emotion V, 2016
Movie film, Acrylic, LED   45 x 45 x 8 cm

Kim Bumsu  Hidden Emotion III
Kim Bumsu

Hidden Emotion III, 2016
Movie film, Acrylic, LED   45 x 45 x 8 cm

Da In Park  Black Rod performance
Da In Park

Black Rod performance 
Camden Arts Centre  August 2019

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